Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

C'est Monday, in that Tuesday kind of way.

It was pretty much a lazy weekend for me, other than picking up Nookie and letting the 'Sploder go. I suppose as an event that was a pretty heavy one, and perhaps its impact can carry through the weekend, but I didn't do any real work on the house as I had originally planned.

Part of that was a bit embarrassing, as I was planning yesterday to hook up the trailer and head to 'Nards to get some building materials, forgetting that indeed I have no trailer hitch yet. Oops. Yet there is stuff I could have done but chose not to for reasons that remain a mystery even to me.

There was something of a shiny that happened this weekend. It was mixed in with other rather less shiny things, and the potential shininess has yet to be seen, but it seems nice.

And now I must go and sign expensive paperwork at the bank.
Tags: mischief, nookie

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