Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

Thanks to avindair's misfortune, I was able to go see Eddie Izzard at the State Theater last night with g33kgoddess and the NerdPod. It was a grand time, except for my knees which didn't quite fit into the space allowed and were at just the right height so that the seat in front of me was jammed uner my kneecaps and any movement of the woman who was in that seat (like I don't know... laughing) would lift my kneecap up ever so gently and shove a red-hot poker into my meniscus.
Still, the show was fun and the company wonderful. It was kinda nifty to see Mr. Izzard developing material and watch his interesting stream-of-consciousness development path.

Afterwards I ran into mskitty23 in the lobby and was introduced to Mr. Kitty briefly before escaping the crush of people and getting back to the parking ramp. I also caught a glimpse of a certain librarian Jodi amongst the crowd but didn't get a chance to do more than wave.

On the way home, Nookie's MP3 player started acting up after a Tom Waits song. Wouldn't read the disc, wouldn't eject, pretty much locked up that functionality. And there doesn't appear to be any kind of manual eject. And while I think it's actually covered by my extended warranty purchase, the idea of taking Nookie into a dealership to get a CD ejected is rankling.

This morning it appears to have reinitialized and was able to play MP3s fine. I haven't tried to eject the disc yet, but I am not overly enthused with the prospect of something like this happening again. It plants the seed in the back of my mind for replacing the factory stereo at some point with something more custom, but that is very premature. The tow package will come first, as that is definitely needed.
Tags: fun, nookie

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