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hail damage

Apologies for the quality of the pictures, but I was trying to take them at night. It's difficult to see the damage without getting the reflection just right.

It doesn't look like much, but I couldn't get good pictures of everything. It's a bunch of small dents, some larger than others. But basically, it's the driver's side, the hood, the roof, the back hatch, and part of the roof overlap on the passenger side that is dented.

The dents mean that the paint and rust costing is compromised. To restore it to full would mean replacing most of the body of the vehicle. There may be an alternative with "paintless dent repair", but that may not cover all of the damaged areas.

There's a good chance that the insurance company will total it because it covers so much of the vehicle, and even though it's a newer vehicle, it may still be determined that it's more expensive to fix than the cash value of the vehicle.

I did take out gap insurance on the loan. What this means is that in the worst case where the insurance company totals the vehicle, the gap insurance covers the balance of the loan. What that means is that I am out my deductible and the trade-in value of my vehicle (which was pretty shit), and I am left with no vehicle at all. There are worse situations. I could probably make a case for a rental car for some period of time-- I don't know the laws pertaining to insurance in a case like this-- but it's still a serious nutcracker.

There is another possibility that because it's hail damage and doesn't affect the safety of the vehicle, I could possibly purchase it back for "salvage value", which is a big unknown at this point. Then it gets into the insurability of the vehicle as it would have "Salvage" permanently attached to the title, which then leads into another whole bunch of frolicking geese that just makes me dizzy.

Nothing I can do about it right now anyway.
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