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Drinking the celebratory weinerschnitzel

I used to practice calligraphy. You probably wouldn't guess that by looking at my handwriting now, but when I focus on it, I can hand letter things quite beautifully. It's something that I don't do very much anymore since the advent of computers and digital typesetting, but it's not something that's entirely lost. There is a very zen aspect to the concentration that's needed to actually handle the pen properly, get the letters onto the paper evenly, and make them look all pretty that I miss in a way.

It's kind of like listening to music. I can remember a time that seems like not so long ago when I would just sit and listen to music and revel in the sounds and other worlds that were opened to me when I just sat and listened-- experienced-- the music.

Or sitting down to read a novel. There was a time when I would curl up in a chair and actually read a book cover to cover just for the sheer enjoyment of it.

I don't really do those things anymore. Nowadays I listen to music while I'm doing something else, and my reading is confined to a chapter or two in the Bathroom of the Elder Gods (AKA the library). Hell, I don't even sit and watch TV shows anymore but that I'm working on something at the same time, whether it be painting a corpse or installing a new operating system or drilling holes in something that's going to become something else.

Tonight I have to install the new trailer hitch and towing package on Nookie. Hopefully it won't rain, because I'm doing this outside (seeing as I don't have a garage yet). And I have to work it in with walkies too, so I'll likely be working with lights under the vehicle. After that I need to continue work on one of the CONvergence projects (there are currently two happening in my basement) and finish painting the deathpuppet.

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