Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

Did a little grocery shopping tonight. I didn't really get much in the way of edibles, though I splurged on some high-protein cheeses and organic salad fixin's. I needed to stock up on crystal light since I was out, and yogurt and cottage cheese, and I think this is one of the few trips that I didn't buy any meat. Not that big a deal really, as I have enough meat to last me a while; I still don't have the proportioned cooking thing down yet, so I tend to cook way more than I can eat in a week and end up feeding a very happy dog with leftovers. I have chicken that will go on the grill tomorrow, enough that I'll have to freeze some of it. Trying something new (to me), something that I caught on one of the cooking shows on TPT where they did a spicy salt rub instead of a liquid marinade. We'll see how it works.
And I filled up Nookie's tank again today: 7.25 gallons. That's a little over 225 miles. With the 'Sploder, that would have been probably a 16 or 17 gallon fill with more expensive gas. Figure $68 for the 'Sploder, and $28 for Nookie for the same period. $40 savings a week at current gas prices, so figure roughly $2k/yr. It's not enough to make up for the payments on a car loan, but it's a pretty significant dent, and when you consider the possibility of some serious repairs coming down the pike on a vehicle that was pushing 200,000 miles, it was a good investment.
I call it an investment, but that's not really the case. A vehicle steadily loses value as it ages, some more than others, but it's rare to find a vehicle that actually appreciates in value. Collector vehicles are the exception, but those are rarely driven day-to-day, and realistically, a vehicle today is pretty much deflated in value after 10 years.
That may change, but I expect that automotive energy technology will be in an entirely different place in 10 years than it is today. Electrics will probably be commonplace, passenger cars will be smaller and lighter, and today's hybrid will likely be a gas-guzzling monster.
Then again, I could be wrong, and in ten years we may be back to a post-apocalyptic world of burning books for warmth and cooking the slow and unwitting neighborhood children to stave off starvation-- as opposed to now when we do it just for sport.
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