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Barb came up for the weekend and stayed at the house with her new pup Buffy. Buffy is a rescue, and was abused as a puppy, so there is socialization that needs to happen. I got to be a part of that, and by this morning, I was actually petting the pup. Not a lot, but she was letting me pet her, which is a tremendous gain after only a couple of days.

Sadie was ecstatic to see Barb, but didn't get a lot of time to spend with her, and now that she's gone back home, Sadie is a forlorn pooch. Walkies will help with that a bit. My Barb-interaction was limited, which is not a bad thing. Nothing painful, it can just be uncomfortable.

Due to some finagling on scotia_girl's part, I went to the MISFITS picnic yesterday. I brought some work with me and had some help from mle292 and kditzy, but overall my plan was made of fail and I need to have fire with which to cut the rope, so the work stopped.

I did have some fine company though, and had a good time. Met maatnofret, which was nice. Got to socialize just about enough before having to go home for pooch time, and spent some time on the phone with a friend who shall remain nameless.

My shoulder pain was beginning to get ugly, and I discovered that I was out of both ibuprofen and Aleve and with my shoulder bugging the crap out of me, I went in search of a 24-hour Walgreens to stock up on various chemie.

And solidly tucked under the wing of Morpheus, I went to sleep.

Today, I am somewhat content. Perhaps later I will explain, but for now, it is good.
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