Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

Yes indeed, there is sarcasm there, though I'm actually having something of a nice day. Or I'm at least in a good mood.

I've hit a weight plateau again. That's bugging me, since it means my body has settled into a new weight class that's still really goddamn far from my goal, and I have to smack it up a bit to get it to break loose. It gets harder from here on too: I've got to start adding to the workout regimen, as the extended walkies alone just aren't cutting it anymore. I need to add in a weight training regimen daily to build up more muscle tissue, primarily upper body stuff. The theory is that building lean muscle tissue helps to burn fat, which means a lot of reps with less weight. There is some body sculpting stuff that I'd like to do as well-- I want to beef up my shoulders and chest. And I want to tighten my abs and ass.

I also need to do this with a limited food intake. Where I've been having a dificult time getting enough daily protein to maintain my current muscle tissue, now I have to add muscle tissue. The only way I can see to do this is to increase my intake of the protein powder, which is highly bioavailable protein. I'm already mixing it with yogurt in the morning for breakfast, now it looks like I may have to try and find an unflavored one to mix in with the fat-free cottage cheese.

My refrigerator will soon be taken over completely by fat-free yogurt and cottage cheese. It's already taken a significant portion of the space. But I know myself well enough that I can't eat just plain cottage cheese (or even cottage cheese with stuff in it) for weeks on end.

I'm probably gonna have to make blender chicken with the leftover chicken and portobellos that I grilled. Either that or the pooch is gonna get a bunch of spicy chicken thighs. It would make for a happy pooch.
Tags: bariatric, weight for it...

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