Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

Facade Help Call

For those of you who were interested in helping out with facade and construction-y stuff, there are a couple of projects happening:
First, the mainstage facade has been expanded and Frost is doing the primary construction. The best of my knowledge at this point is that he will have need of painting starting Tuesday & Wednedsay, but I'm still waiting for specific confirmation. His location is at Footcandles in downtown Minneapolis:

401 Royalston Avenue
Minneapolis, MN 55405-1536

The entrance to this shop is located near the back loading dock to STARK ELECTRONICS, which shares the same address. Park anywhere in the rear parking lot. We will be using Loading Bay 1 (has a black and white "Footcandles" sign on the garage door). Enter through the adjacent man-door.
- Monday (23rd): 8am - 7pm (cutting wood & metal)
- Tuesday (24th): 8am - late night (cutting wood & metal)
- Wednesday (25th): 1pm - late night (flat painting)
- Thursday (26th): 8am - late night (detail painting)
- Friday (27th): 8am - late night
- Saturday(28th): TBD
- Sunday(29th): 8am - late night
- Monday(30th): 8am - late night

The second big project is making rope & stanchion dividers. This is happening at my house.
3632 Lyndale Ave. South
Minneapolis MN 55409
6l2.822.8o45 (home)
6l2.2ol.2497 (cell) (text capable)

At this point, what I have left for help is primarily painting and assembling the stanchions, cutting rope and sealing the ends, and screwing in hooks and eyes. My availability is after 7:00 all nights this week, and I'm hoping solidly all this weekend.
- Monday (23rd): 7pm - 10 pm (some cutting and drilling)
- Tuesday (24th): 7pm - 10 pm
- Wednesday (25th): 7pm - 10 pm
- Thursday (26th): 7pm - 10 pm
- Friday (27th): 7pm - 10 pm
- Saturday(28th): 11 am - 10 pm
- Sunday(29th): TBD
- Monday(30th): TBD
If you're looking to help, please let me know where you'd rather go and when so I can plan out as much in advance as I can.

e-mail is magicmarmotstudios at yahoo dot com
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