Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

Having a tough day today. Feeling like I'm unable to meet the demands placed on my time, unable to ask for help, stymied at every turn.

And I'm so very not. It's just a feeling, not a real-ing.

It is a bit of a crumpy day, things are not going smoothly and I am tired beyond the point where I should be. Tonight after work I need to take the pooch out for walkies and do some work on the stanchions, but I'm gonna try to get to bed early if I can. My uber-plan is to get the last of the stuff that needs to be cut and drilled cut and drilled by the end of the night (except for the ropes), and if I have the gumption, get the wood bases sealed.

I'm down to baby-step mode today. Small bits, one at a time. Head down, move forward, don't try and assimilate the entire thing.

Something in the meta-world of project management for me to consider is that I do have days when the big picture and planning stuff is visible and heartily embraced. I should take advantage of those days for task breakdowns and planning so when I get to the baby-step days, there are clear, easily digestible bits to handle.
Tags: self-musing

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