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More help last night from the same crew. Stanchions are moving along nicely, though the ropes still need to be cut and finished.

Found an interesting phenomenon last night having to do with epoxy and cabosil that was rather surprising. Using some pro epoxy that's supposed to have a 30-minute working time, and adding cabosil for a thickener, it set up a whole lot more quickly and more... rambunctiously than it should have. There was smoke. And heat. However, we made it past that and today all of the stanchion bases are standing proud, locked and loaded and ready to go.

Tonight there will be painting. And lacquering. And ropes. And if all goes well, the only thing that will remain for Friday is any touch-ups and final gluing. And ropes.

My hands look like they've been trying to separate a bobcat and a squid. Lots of little cuts and stains. They'll heal.

This might actually work.
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