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The cephalopods in my brain are beginning to leak

Neither delving into an emotional hidey-hole nor crawling into a dank pit of depression lately, which is nice. I'm sure a lot of it is the being up to my ass in alligators (or being up to my septum in stanchions if you will), but I think perhaps there is a brighter change that's come over.

Certainly not all is perfect in the Land of Marmot, but the problems are for the most part falling away, or eroding, or ablating, or decaying in some manner. Money is always an issue, but realistically it's a temporary one that is within my means to handle as I gain a better understanding of agile management. And the house is a perpetual pit of doom that really wants to hold on to me-- that is really the biggest in-yer-face issue I have yet to conquer.

But really, that's the hit list.

I'd talk about my love life, but it would be a short conversation. Thing is, that's not really a problem as much as it is a desire, a thing on the wish list. And the wish list is pretty big overall. There's a hot tub on there, and a garage/studio, and a harem.

Well, okay, maybe not a harem exactly. Just one good woman.

And maybe a couple of bad ones.


Depends on how bad.

And how good.

And how good bad is.

You know, I think these late nights may be making me a little bit punchy.
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