Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

Back home. Nookie is more or less unpacked. I need to empty the cooler, food the dog, and go to bed. More detailed convention report will be forthcoming after I have a chance to decompress and digest all the reallyfuckingamazing stuff running around in my head.

Biggest thing for me was that I wasn't the fattest guy at the con anymore, or in the top five. I was solidly and resoundingly in the upper middle of a group of statistically obese people, but far enough down that I was taken for more of being me as a person than me as a pudgepile. I cannot express the difference it made in words quite yet, other than I was a completely different person. And within that, there is both good and bad.

There were also some experiences that I need to filter through yet. I ended up sitting with croonerboy at masquerade and got shuffled around to some badly thought-out cripple seating which kinda pissed me off (put the guy in a wheelchair behind the video camera?), but Timmah made up for it with his company and the occasional copping of a feel. He's a sly one.

More later.
Tags: convergence

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