Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam


I still haven't finished unpacking Nookie yet it's been so hectic. Got home from work a bit late last night, did walkies and cooked dinner then downloaded, cropped, and uploaded pictures until late enough to make grandma beg then fell asleep. Had to get up early this morning for an early morning meeting that still went late and I just now have had a chance to sit down and collect my collectibles.

The workers started tearing off the siding a little before 7 this morning, but the cool bit is that by tomorrow night the house will no longer be naked. Or at least that's the plan. I'll try to get some pictures tonight.

There is an interesting parallel between the Big Broken Box™ and the somewhat-smaller-but-still-broken marmot where there is notable progress on both. Oddly, I think the marmot may be ahead of the house. Twiddle-twaddle.

Tags: Big Broken Box™

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