Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

Tiny accident with Nookie tonight. Knocked out a fog light. Fixing it with some epoxy and maybe making a sheet metal binder plate to give it some reinforcement. The damn bracket is made out of ABS, so it shatters easily-- I suppose that's on purpose so the glass lens doesn't get broken, but sheesh.

And to replace the bulb in the fog lamp? "Please take your vehicle to an authorized Ford repair facility". You have to remove the front fairing to get at the fog light mounts, and to remove the front fairing, you have to remove the wheel wells, or at least detach the front half (they're plastic).

I was able to solvent-weld the ABS so it's a pretty strong bond, and will be even stronger once the epoxy cures, but it's gonna take me a few hours to get the fog lamp back in place and aligned properly. And I think they fill the housing with nitrogen to prevent condensation.

Still, I like epoxy. Particularly JB weld, though I've been looking into some marine epoxies that are interesting. And I now know where I can get both carbon fiber and Kevlar.

And I'm strongly considering a fiberglass composite for the undersills on the porch windows. It would be ligher than concrete and easier to make, and I could do continuous long pieces instead of three-foot chunks. I still have to make the forms, but I'd need to make them anyway for the concrete.
Tags: fixing stuff, nookie

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