Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

Took both Sadie and Mosley for a walk tonight. Two dogs. Simultaneously. At the same time.

Sadie is ten, and has arthritis. She's not a high-speed mover. Mosley is sort of like walking a baby moose with the attention span of a hey-was-that-a-squirrel?

Verily, the comedy, it did ensue.

There was poop.

When one dog poops, the other one becomes very interested-- it's a dog thing. It was a bit of logistics to manage the acts when each dog poops at a different time. Handily we were by the cemetery fence, and I was able to hoist the handles of the various dog strings up on the pointy bits of the fence and they were very good.

Mosley started learning about heel and sit and stop at the corners. It's about learning to communicate with the dog, positive reinforcement, and a willingness to please on the dog's part. Mosley is a very friendly social dog, and he really likes the attention (and treats), so he's pretty good when he focuses hey-was-that-a-bunny?

Went to the hardware store, got some buckets (I HAS BUCKET!) and a couple of 60-lb bags of mortar mix. 60 lbs. is a hell of a lot heavier than it used to be-- it's a more significant percentage of my weight than it used to be-- and I noticed the weight. Just means I have to work out more.

I did not actually mix the mortar tonight. I need to cut a couple of short pieces of rebar, and I'll likely do that later tonight in the basement.

Like maybe now.

Love you. Take care.
Tags: fixing stuff, walkies

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