Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

Woke this morning with a craving, something from a dream maybe. Love and sex and tenderness all rolled into one. False memory of wifery, sprung fully formed from the depth and recesses of my imagination, spurred on by who knows what-- maybe that article in Redbook I was reading while waiting for my haircut.

Today I am feeling under the weather. I'm bloody tired and all of my joints hurt, so I expect this is the onset of something illness-y; it's been a while since I've been really sick so I suppose I'm due. I just hope it's not peaking around the weekend, as there are many things to see and people to do.

I suspect that walkies may be postponed or otherwise stunted tonight; it depends largely on the weather and my energy and pain levels when I get home, as well as the exuberance level of a certain mooselike pup.

I do need to get some new smoke detectors. Last night, the upstairs one hit a stage where it was going off periodically after Bryan put in fans blowing air through the upstairs. New battery didn't fix it, so there was a good deal of searching for anything that might be burning, smoldering, or the like, and nothing was found. Truthfully, all of the detectors are old and probably should be replaced anyway, and I really should replace them with powered ones with backup batteries and the ability to hook to an alarm system, but I need the infrastructure to really do that well. In the meantime, I can just get the battery-operated ones and have more peace of mind.

Not so much on the drama, eh?
Tags: Big Broken Box™, sick

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