Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

Do not read

No really, if you don't like spoilers, skip this one.

It has been suggested that the whole Knotty Knymph thing is a bit of fiction, a joke that I have made up to perhaps have some fun at the expense of my friends. The truth of it lies below the cut line, so you still have time to bail. </hr>
You stuck around? Fine, then.

The true answer is that while it is a bit of fiction (of course it's a bit of fiction!), the idea behind it is that I wanted to do a piece that was blogging about dating someone who considers themselves a superhero-- or supervillain-- with a dose of reality thrown in. I thought the concept was entertaining and fun, and the thought of turning into a choose-your-own-adventure format was just the gravy on the cake.

I wasn't going to expose it as a fiction until later, but I didn't think it was something that would really be taken seriously anyway (thus the original "writing" tag and style). And I don't believe it has in the larger scheme of things-- most of you know me well enough to know this is the kind of thing I will depart into from time to time-- but the idea of leading off early with "this is a work of fiction" takes away from the willing suspension of disbelief. You never go to a magic show where the magician starts off the show saying there is no real magic, all of the things that I'm about to show you aren't real, they're illusions that have taken hundreds and sometimes thousands of hours to perfect.

So fear not, I have not been swayed to the dark side quite yet and am still blissfully single.

If you've read this, now you know. You're "in" on the joke. Try not to spoil it for those who are just enjoying the entertainment value.
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