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Can't sleep, clowns will eat me

I decided to go to bed relatively early (like 1:00) because I have to meet with a realtor in the morning to look at a studio space. Woke up at 3:00. Can't sleep. Figured now I'll just stay up.

The space looks promising. It's about the right size, it has a large clear space, sprinkler system installed, a 600-amp service, kitchen, dressing rooms, and a full basement with amenities and office space.
Downsides: parking is crap, and the interior ceiling on the main floor only has a 12-foot clearance (14 foot nominal height with concrete beams). Parking could probably be added at the expense of a couple of trees, and the ceiling height may not be such a huge issue. 14 feet is the low end of where I'd like to be for both lighting and sound reasons.

It also doesn't have carport access. I'd really like to be able to bring a car in for doing process shots, and there is just no way to make that happen with the way the building is designed. It's not a huge issue by itself because there are ways around that, such as shooting at a different location. It would just be a nice thing.

It's also in Nordeast, not too awfully far from the Heights theater. I actually found it because of windelina's wedding.

The whole studio thing may just be a pipe dream, but there is enough going on that it bears a looking-at.

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