Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

boring housecleaning stuff

It's about as meaningless as you can get, shy of nothing.

Figuring out the plan for home. There is walkies necessary, but with a gimpy pooch, I don't know how long that will go. I need to water the gardenette (the four garden plants I have in the backyard in pots), and I need to get the last porch hardiwall up, which I was planning to do this weekend.

I also need to look at how much space in the Room Where No One Walks remains after Lauren's departure, since she was using that for a lot of storage, and I really need to reclaim part of my life again. I know there's stuff in that room that I packed to get rid of a while ago (stuff like books) as well as a bunch of stuff from the time in The Gulag, but mostly it's just a disorganized mess. If it were organized somewhat, I could very possibly move the filmmaking supplies into there and open up the dining room and living room for usable space again-- it would move me a long way toward being visitor-friendly again. Yes, it would be illusion, but my life is illusion, so what the hell.

Originally I wanted to clear that room out and use it as the first point for serious remodeling one room at a time; it needs some pretty heavy-duty stuff done to it to repair the damage done from a previous leaky roof or something similar, as well as replacing two windows, but realistically that can wait. It can be used for now as temporary-but-organized dry storage.
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