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Hella big goings-on today in marmot world.

This was supposed to be the last weekend of shooting Horror Incorporated for Channel 45. All we had left to shoot were the bits for the big New Year's extravaganza. So I got up early this morning to load up the truck and headed over to the station.
Because of some new policy changes, we now have to go through the security gate and check in and then have the security guard come and unlock the studio door so that we can unload equipment. Well today when I asked him to unlock the studio door, he told me that he couldn't, and that I should just go back and talk to Thom.
Well, Thom was pissed. Apparently sometime in the last several days, the crew at Channel 45 decided that they needed the space where a lot of the HI stuff was being stored, and rather than calling Thom and asking if he could move it, they just moved it themselves. And they were somewhat less than careful with it, and a number of items were lost and broken.
So Thom & Tim talked and decided that it was the last straw-- it's been building for some time-- and that there would be no more shooting at Channel 45.
And really, as much as I liked doing the show, I agree with the decision. It was getting more and more frustrating as we went, and it is difficult enough to shoot against a schedule without having the additional burden of a true lack of respect.
I doubt if it was malicious. It was simply careless, and it really reflects the station in general-- nobody gives a rat's ass.

So we decided to have a Movie party in celebration of the demise of this incarnation of Horror Incorporated. And we went to Tony & Kristi's, and there was much consumption of alcohol, and the watching of bad movies-- I rented Ankle Biters just for the occasion. This quote sums it up nicely:

Minarovich and crew try their best but seem to forego the principles of filmmaking like sound, lighting, acting, dialog, and story-telling.

And that is a rather compassionate bit of a review. As Tony is so fond of putting it, this is a "giant dill-pickle sausage fart of a turdburglar of a movie".

But it got distibution. And we have already made movies significantly better than this one.

I'd probably be more upset if there weren't plans for the future. Those plans aren't solidified so I don't want to talk about them quite yet, but stay tuned for updates.

Currently I'm watching Solaris. From what I am seeing, this is a great movie to watch alone.

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