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DSL at the house is out until sometime Monday. The good news is that when restored, it will be twice as fast. Turns out that my old DSL installation is no longer supported (I had SDSL, they're now doing ADSL), so I had to have new service installed. When done, I'll have a 1.5 M broadband connection (download). I could "upgrade" to a 7M fiberoptic, and I'm considering that-- there are a lot of options possible, and it could even save me money.

Thing is, I like VISI. They've been solid and on top of stuff as it happens, and the technical problems have been solely on the Qwest lines. The 7M line may force me into MSN as an ISP, and I'm reluctant.

I like the idea of 7Mbps downloads since I now have HD capability, and downloading movies directly onto the media PC is a lot less painful at high speeds. And since I'm no longer hosting content, I don't need walloping upload speed.

But for now, I'm staying with 1.5M and VISI.

Downside is that I'm gonna be pretty much incommunicado from the virtual world, other than brief glimpses at work. I do have the cell phone and unlimited texting, but a 160-character limit on SMS; you can find my communication info on my userinfo page.

In the meantime, it means I take a little break from the internet at home.
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