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When I think about the eventual recasting of the Big Broken Box™ into the new thing (whatever it becomes), I get all excited and fidgety. It's another of those things that's not a destination but a journey, yet there are enticements along the way. The new siding has made a HUGE difference in the house mood, possibly more than getting the windows in the front porch. It's not exactly a useful thing, it's primarily aesthetic, though the underlayment of foam insulation has made a difference; however, it's changed the mood of the house.

I'm all about function trumping form, yet this is a huge perceptual change. Suddenly, it's gone from a kind of hopeless prison to the sketchings of an actual home, a nice place to be.

I have plans for the outside that involve some landscaping and strategically-placed fencing that make for a pretty nice place to be-- a place to want to be-- rather than the crapfest that it is now. More adult-friendly than kid-friendly: a relaxing spa instead of a busy playground. Boring for the chitlins, but just what the pleasure-seeking hedonist needs after a long day of work, and it becomes a nice social space for the recovery of my sociability.

The studio space-- well, I call it the studio space, but it hasn't been much of a studio for a few years now-- can be reworked into a more purposeful space. That's a major project and not one that's gonna happen on the soon, mostly because I don't know what state the insulation is like under all the crapboard that's up there now. It's completely gutting, rewiring, and refinishing the space, and if the insulation needs to be replaced, it will probably involve tearing off the whole roof (rafters and all) and adding another story. Sound expensive?

The upstairs bedroom (AKA the ADR Lounge) will for a time become the massage room. It's going to be multipurposed for a while as things shift around, and I don't know what it will become. A lot depends on the studio.

The living room and dining room are fairly purposed already. Spiffing them is no easy task, but there's no major re-engineering there, just tedious work. Lots of electrical.

The kitchen needs something in between a facelift and a remodel, leaning heavily toward the "remodel" side. The original floor in the kitchen is oak, but it's been so badly damaged that it's not really something that I want to try and reclaim, and I really like radiant floor heat with tile or stone. I do want to expand out into part of the breezeway and turn the other part of the breezeway into a mudroom. This makes for a much better use of the space as well as making the kitchen bigger.

Downstairs bathroom is a remodel job, no question.

I should at some point try and capture some footage of the Big Broken Box™ for a kind of "virtual tour". Maybe when I'm actually proud of it.

In other boof, Nick Cave covering Nancy Sinatra isn't the best thing I've heard.
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