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umiak kayak mukluk tupik

Work was bloody exhausting today. I figured it would be bad, but wow, this was epic. Started with a five-hour planning meeting, followed up by a quick-make-changes-to-fix-this, followed by a demo and final sign-off on artwork and legal content. The weird thing is that I mocked up some artwork to demonstrate without it ever being planned to be in the final release, and they liked it so much they decided to keep it "with just a few minor changes".

Remember, there is very good reason that I don't interface with clients on a daily basis. Being hovered over while I changed individual pixels in an image to different RGB values really isn't my top talent, ya know?

I took a few minutes to take a stroll around the building/complex/swamp. It's hot and humid, which leaves me thinking that walkies tonight will be a little shorter than normal for the sake of the very furry pooch (who got chomped on by another dog yesterday, different story). There was also a game of play-with-the-water-hose which made for a happy pooch, and only partly because she managed to get me soaked in the process-- it's not fun unless everyone gets wet.

The house is pissing me off. Or rather I'm pissing me off because I can't seem to make up my mind about what I want to do for the under-window sills, and it's delaying everything else. I can either do stone veneer right up to the windows, which is a little rustic and uneven but tends to hide the small variations in window height, or I can do cast pieces as sills that would look more cohesive with the rectiliinearity of the design, but would show the flaws more. I've been looking at other houses in the surrounding frou-frou neighborhoods down by the lake, and none of them are really appropriate to what I want to do. My plan is to make a damn decision by this weekend and get the old ass in gear; at this point I'm strongly leaning toward the rusticness (rusticity?) of the stone veneer, and fuck the fiberglass idea since the whole melting styrofoam thing kinda dampened my spirits on that. I couls also try and cast sills in stone, but I have a general idea of how heavy they'd be, and lugging around a lot of extra weight is not my idea of a good time.


I did play in the "garden" a bit yesterday, and I have a couple of peppers coming in. Haven't seen any cucumbers yet, but the season is still young. And I did make some frothingly hot roasted garlic-habanero-serrano salsa that is deliciously yummy. You probably wouldn't like it, you wimp. I shall not however smear it all over my body or on any portions thereof for your amusement anymore, the first two times were bad enough.

But I digress.

The house is a royal mess. I've not been keeping it up the way I should, and it's partly because it's so much to do that I feel any effort just wouldn't matter enough to be worth doing. It's also partly because there's so much other stuff that has to be done rightfuckingnow, and the idea of taking time to do stuff inside when there's so much to do outside just rankles my cankles. Suffice it to say that I won't be hosting any dinner parties soon. Besides, you wouldn't like my salsa.

I also mixed in some of the hot salsa with fat-free cottage cheese, and I was dancing around calling it hottage cheese and giggling like a maniac when the doorbell rang; when I answered the door, there was a dwarf standing with a cricket bat. He racked me in the shins and told me that I wasn't funny.

My life gets really weird sometimes.

Gonna go home now. If I don't come back, send in a search party with pickaxes and Raid.

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