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I'm thinking that Walkies with Sadie are going to cease to be my number one method of exercise because she's getting too old and arthritic to keep up with me anymore. I can't tell you how sad this makes me.

I started doing some weight training last night. It's been a while, and it was hard-- I think I got in three sets of ten bench presses with 40 lbs and two sets of bicep curls. that's way way down from where I was in the Gulag, though these are free weights which are harder. I may start alternating the bike and weights and see how that goes; I can feel the stiffness from the little I did last night.

Tonight may be cleaning out the breezeway to get access to the shelves there. There are some wood shelf units that I want to replace and I know someone who could use the shelves that are there now after a bit of sprucing.

Cleaning the breezeway is a task unto itself. The shelf units that are there have been there for more than a few years and I haven't really been very good about maintaining the stuff that's on them. Some of it is quite likely worthy of being tossed by now, most of it is stuff I'll never use again, some of it is stuff that I know I will use. It's not that big of a room, and cleaning it out is a good step toward the overall remodel of the kitchen.

I also need to spend some time with the table saw cutting styrofoam sheets to 14-1/2" widths to put in the porch ceiling for insulation. That's not a hard job, just tedious. The fun part is that each 4x8 foot sheet then has a remainder that is just about the perfect size for the damn sills that I keep going back-and-forth on, so it looks like that will be bumped up in priority for a to-do this week. It may even get bumped higher than the breezeway cleanout.

I do want to cut a couple of sheets down for making positives for cobble-pavers. I might actually buy some new sheets for that so I can get some thicker XPS and make 'em 1-1/2" thick instead of 1 inch, and that way I don't have to buy more until I get a better idea of what my needs will be after I get done cutting up what I have now. It's sort of like I want to minimize the number of trips that I need to make with the trailer hooked up to Nookie, like it decreases the gas mileage or something. :)

Speaking of which, I'm up to 32.2 MPG average today. I'd doubt it's gonna get much higher than that with the mix of highway & city driving that I do, but I'm pretty damn happy with that as is-- it's more than double the best mileage I was getting with the 'Sploder, and is about 2-1/2 times the average, particularly with road construction. Not like there's any road construction around where I live or anything.

I did notice that I'm gonna need to replace some of the boards on the back deck that I made a few years ago because the AC2 deck boards that I used have started to curl up enough that they've actually pulled the nails out. That whole thing was intended as a temporary piece until I decided more of what was gonna happen with the whole house/garage thing anyway-- I'm just surprised that I got that much curl. Good to know for future deck planning: use the recycled composite material. It's more expensive, but in the long run it's worth it.
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