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Drink your way to stuff

I used to drink Diet Coke pretty regularly, and in large quantities. Part of the last couple of years, Coca-Cola has had this Reward Points program where you entered in some numbers from caps or boxes and you gathered points. I was entering quite a bunch of points for a while, but since I've stopped, my account has become dormant.

Well, after a while of dormancy, your points go away. Mine were about to disappear, so yesterday I decided to see what they had available.

I ordered a telescope.

It's not an amazing piece of technology by any means, it's pretty much the lowest-end Celestron 'scope that exists, but hey, it was free.

The remaining points I'm putting into sweepstakes entries for some other prizes. I'll have used them all by tomorrow. Chances are pretty slim that I'll win a 46" Samsung HDTV, but who really cares? I get a telescope.
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