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My concentration is getting pulled in a bunch of different directions lately. Work stuff has me collectively managing a whole lot of connections in my head that I really should end up automating, but getting the time to do that automation is not gonna happen for a while.

The Big Broken Box™... last night I spent time working on a couple of different pieces; the first was making the blanks for the sills which I now have to trim on the saw prior to laying down the fiberglass tape. The second is more of a materials experiment which has had a couple of failures already, and may end up being a complete loss. It's okay since it was an experiment anyway, and part of that is failure. I'm also doing some scraping and painting of the peak trim on the house, which is highly weather-dependent and involves a lot of ladder work.

There are currently three active movie projects I have happening.

And there are a couple of "helpy" things I am doing for other people whose schedules aren't exactly carved in stone.

And there's the exercise, mostly split between walkies and the bike. Last night was a trial for taking the sweet pooch for a bit longer walk, and she did pretty good but for a need to stop and rest a couple of times, and that's probably not gonna change so much anymore-- we'll probably go back to the small walk and I'll get my exercise elsewhere, like on the bike.

I did some bench presses last night. 40 lbs, 5 sets of 10 reps, and that's all I could manage. That's atrocious.

Focusing becomes an issue. I have to take it as single steps and just lock out everything else when I'm working on the one thing. Technically I did watch a rerun of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles while I was working on the foam blanks, but that didn't exactly take a lot of concentration.

Then there's sleep. I remember sleep. It was a lot like a nap, but longer.
Tags: Big Broken Box™, exercise, pain
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