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What if all the world you used to know
Is an elaborate dream?

Last night I dreamt something about a presentation that I was making, and during the preparation, I had put a piece of equipment in its case down on one of the chairs. I remember thinking at the time that I should have just taken it with me because I needed it, it was small, and I didn't want to risk it being stolen, and sure enough when I went back to get it, the chairs had all been moved, and the auditorium filling up with hundreds of people, and it was nowhere to be found. I was for some reason sure that someone had stolen it and was getting all pissed off and ranting to all of the people who were there and basically annoying the shit out of them-- they had come to be entertained/enlightened, and here I was annoying them.

I don't think this was the right feel for this dream; I think I was awake enough that my "conscious" mind latched onto this thing while my dreamtime mind was trying to take me somewhere else, so I blocked the message that was behind the whole thing.

So what message can I pull from hundreds of people coming to see me speak/perform/entertain?

I can pull from myself insecurity about being unprepared for some big event which I am central to, but that's sort of like a "socks first, then shoes" level of brain-message.

An underlying question is why all of those people were there, what message I was supposed to be giving them, and why I was unprepared to deliver it.

Decimated, it could be a portent of my expectations; perhaps I am expecting something big and noteworthy from myself that I'mnot prepared for yet.

Well, duh. First underwear, then pants.
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