Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

Big Broken Box™ construction detail stuff

The sills for the front porch have moved on to Plan B. This involves making forms for sill segments to pour from some of the faux stone concrete mix. Because they're getting made out of concrete instead of fiberglass and foam, they will be heavy, and are being made in smaller sections of 18 inches. They're also going to be heavily mixed with perlite as an aggregate to make them lighter, and glass fiber for both strength and unique texture.

On the plus side, they will be the same material as the stone veneer, so there will be a textural consistency. On the other, the installation time will be a lot higher.


One can't have everything. Where would one put it?

I have to cut the forms out of Melamine-covered particle board, which I have. They will be assembled with hinges so they sort of fold together to make the form, and unfold to release it, making them a lot easier to release than a solid form. And I'm making a set of them because they will all have slightly unique distression profiles for texture, and when I'm pouring them, I'll make up enough mix to fill probably ten or twelve of them at a time. The cut edges of the melamine need to be sealed and strengthened, but that's a known quantity. And the steel mounting tabs have to be cut down before the final pour so they can be inserted and set into the concrete mixture. I also need to do a quick pass with a router to create a drip edge in the form, but I can do that after the preliminary cutting.

I also got 2" foam to cut for paver positives. It's one of those things that while I have the table saw out, I can cut a bunch of rectangles fairly quickly and do the distressing and detailing at a later time, like during a rainy day; all I really need to do is decide whether I want to go with rectilinear or irregular edges. The rectilinear ones are flatter and more square, where the irregular ones are more rustic and look more like natural rock than man-made concrete pavers. I'm tending more toward the irregular rustic look, since I think it has more historic "weight" to it, and will fit better with the stone veneer exterior.

Tonight will likely involve the melamine cutting, and quite possibly the foam cutting if I finish early enough. Walkies and the workout will get pushed to later tonight when it's cooler and more dog-happy. And I have to collect and prep the location sound recording gear for tomorrow night, and prep the film shooting gear for Saturday.

Gosh, I sound busy.
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