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A bit premature, but my state of mind as of right now.

How many people have you kissed?
A couple good ones. I go by quality, not quantity.

Have you gone to the beach?
Not for the purpose of going to the beach, but walked it with Sadie-dog.

Hows your tan?
It's healthy.

Gone to an amusement park?
Nope. I rarely do anyway.

Watched fireworks?
In a fashion, yes.

In a relationship?
Not currently, in "that" sense. I have a lot of friends, and I have a dog and a cat that like to cuddle.

How many times did you eat ice cream?
Twice, Bitch. How many times you eat ice cream? Huh? With yo' fat ass. Yo' fat ass make the baby Jesus cry, it so fat. Tears streamin' down his lil' baby Jesus face with his lil' baby Jesus beard, all 'cause of yo' FAT ASS.

Went to a drive-in movie?
No, and I wouldnt'a been able to see it anyway because of THAT bitch's FAT ASS.

Went to a fair?
Hell no.

Did you go shopping?

Have your heart broken?

Go to any concerts?
Nope. I R Lame.

Get trashed?

Get high?
In a manner of speaking, I suppose I did.

Had the cops called on you?
Not that I'm aware of. I did get a letter from the city though.

Craziest thing you did?
I can't tell you. But it was glorious.

Climb on a roof to look at the stars?
Not so much. Me on a roof is like one of those cues for the suspense music and high camera angles of a Hitchcock film.

Go on any walks?
Yes, a lot of them.

Catch any lightning bugs?
Not intentionally. And Nookie is surprisingly aerodynamic, which leads to a lot fewer bugs in the grille. I find that pleasing.

Go camping?
Not unless you count pitching a tent in my backyard and pretending, no.

Pitch a tent in your backyard and pretend you were camping?
Uh, well, maybe not "Pitch a tent" in the camping sense, but I have had a fire in the backyard and pretended I was camping.

Did you lose anyone important?

Do you regret anything you've done over this summer?
I usually regret more things I haven't done.

Miss anyone?

Meet anyone new?
Yes. Yes indeed.

Are you going to miss this summer?
Pretty much anything that happened I blogged, so I can reference it back any time. Though this has been a summer of firsts.

Then I suppose they all are.

Love and Muffins to you all.

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