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Evidently today is a high-weed-pollen-count day. My eyes look like they've been inflated, my head feels like it's been stuffed with expanding cotton, and my nose is running like Michael Phelps would if he ran instead of swimming.

So much for the day. I'm betting that today won't be a red-letter day of productivity either; I took a couple of benadryl to try and make it over the histamine hump, and benadryl makes me drowsy.

I made an edible concoction yesterday in an attempt to be more proactive with the low-fat-low-carb-high-protein diet, and it's a pretty tasty if gross-looking sort of paste. Grilled chicken breasts, jalapenos, carlic, balsamic vinegar, and natural-flavored yogurt, fat-free, drained to the consistency of thick sour cream. All in a blender and turned into a paste that's a great consistency for a cracker dip. It's a little like really good chicken salad that's spicy, and it works really well as a lettuce roll-up. Really high protein-to-calorie ratio. Packed up in little half-cup containers, makes a nice lunch course to go with something else like crackers or lettuce or other vegetables. Just by itself it's a bit overwhelming.
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