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Likely I'll miss it in favor of doing the things I need to do.

The great gardening project of 2008 is doing nicely: my first round of plants are actually producing, and I've had one pepper and one cucumber so far, with another harvest coming soonish. The second round of pepper plants was an epic fail, and none of them survived. Probably not gonna try a third round since it's getting late in the season and I don't really have an inddor greenhouse to deal with keeping them warm in the winter. However, if vegetable prices keep going up like they have, it may become a project for next year.

Tonight barring changes, I'll be working on constructing the forms for the sills. Not overly exciting, but it needs to be done.

The DVD player in the living room died last night. It's a flaw in the design of this model and derivative Toshiba models having to do with the DVD motor drive chip overheating. At this point, I'm looking at upgrading to a PS3 to use as a blu-ray player-- really, I can use the media PC to play DVDs and even upscale the output to 1080P, there's just no remote, and riding the bike makes handling DVD functions without a remote a pain. I suppose I could make some sort of keyboard & mouse shelf for the bike, or even if I get really bored make an input from the bike to the computer that would do auto-logging of time & calories and the like. I'll put it on the TODO list.

Also on the TODO list is to cannibalize the garage-sale treadmill and make a shaker table for the stone veneer forms. The treadmill isn't exactly a solid piece of engineering, and has seen its better days, which is why I was able to pick it up for four dollars. What it does have is a motor with speed control and the associated bearings and pulleys I need to energize a table to vibrate enough to stabilize concrete in forms. And since the sills are coming up fast, it's probably a good project to do *soon*.

And I have trim stripping, scraping, and painting. And the old drains to cap off.

And a bunch of other stuff to do.
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