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Inspired by the New Yankee Workshop, I used the table saw to cut a small rabbet in the melamine where the angled top meets the front to make for a wood-to-wood joint for the glue-- and it worked once I put the carbide blade on. Once the pieces were glued together, I used the stapler to tack the edges together. It's a little wonky because it's a 22-1/2° angle: the top of the sill has to slope down away from the house at an angle greater than 15°, and there is an architectural significance to the 22-1/2° angle that ties in with other architectural detail on the house.

I only finished the assembly of three pieces tonight; they're more labor-intensive than I suspected.

I did however do 8 sets of reps of the chest/ab cycle tonight, so I bumped that up by one.

And the discovery that sugar-free Jell-O pudding with peanuts added then thrown in the freezer for about 20 minutes is highly reminiscent of rich chocolate ice cream. Just cool it, don't freeze it. Yumsters!

Thinking about trying Adding Just a touch of Phanerozoic (stupid spell checker, supposed to be habanero) or maybe fresh jalapeno. Hey, don't make fun of me, you will eat pretty much anything on a stick.

Perhaps that was snarky. Go to hell.

The forms I'm building will need to be sturdy enough to get at least three pours through. I'm thinking they'll need reinforcement. Damn that New Yankee Workshop.

Sleep now, or forever hold your peace.
Tags: Big Broken Box™, building stuff, exercise, food

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