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Oh, today's Thursday. Ding-dang-doodle, I was for some reson thinking it was Friday, and tonight was gonna have to be devoted to running around getting stuff for the shoot. As it is, this makes for a much more relaxed pace; not a standstill certainly, but it means I'm not having to rush-rush everything.

It does mean that I have to get some stuff prepped tonight. I have to clean out the kitchen enough to make blood, I have to get some stuff out of the upstairs bedroom to use on Saturday (stuff is getting moved in there and I need to get it out before the other stuff gets moved in). And I need to dig out my makeup kit again, which I'm pretty sure is in the dining room, and collect some of the other makeup stuff I have in various places together. I'm betting that I'll be doing a lot of the makeup on this shoot as well.

I also need to procure a shoulder brace for Darthcam. That's one I should have done a long time ago, but forgot about it-- just ordered a spiderbrace with overnight shipping, which may or may not be here in time for Saturday. If it's not, I'll have to wing it with what I have currently available, which means I should probably pick up a slab of aluminum tonight and create a simple one.

And I should probably start mocking up a neck and torso for a couple of prosthetic pieces. Oddly, I have a number of possible paths to take for torso and neck prosthetics-- like a couple of full-body molds in pieces, not very detailed but reasonably proportioned.

And then there are the stunt weapons and props that need to happen.

And I need to fix up Big Blue again and get her ready to fire up.

Yarg-- maybe I am in a rush tonight.


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