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You know, I think I'm getting excited about the season again. Falloween is coming: Menards has their Halloween stuff out already, or at lest the first parts of it. Target's got to be next.

Seriously, between the house stuff and the movie stuff, it's suddenly starting to feel like time to make the donuts or something. I'm feeling very crafty/buildy/makey right now. I think it's been building for a while, go figure, but it kinda snuck up on me.

The liberation of some precision linear ball bearings from the scrap pile is not entirely blameless. I managed to score two matching sets with a pair of slides each, one set looks to be twelve inches, the other set maybe 16. That's a damn good start for a small XY table; add a rotation table to that and the ability to machine small parts via CAD becomes oh-so-doable.

Some day I'd like to have an XY table that will fully handle 4x8 foot sheets, but that's a ways off yet. This is still something doable by me with materials I have existing as well as stuff I can get surplus. Except maybe ballscrews; those are something I'd probably splurge on to get new.
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