Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

making zombie porn

Shoulder mount tested briefly, and it's pretty impressive: not quite a steadycam, but closer than I expected. I think that with more practice, it could get some awesome shots. Romeo pointed out a different steadying trick using the left hand across to hold the pipe end, and I realized that it fits him differently than it fits me. A lot of that is the way that he uses his upper body differently to balance while walking, and walking is quite key for traveling shots, even with a Steadicam.

Still, this is but a prototype, thrown together in a couple of hours based on a premise. Working with it a while will give me more ideas, I'm certain. I think though what I'm heading for is a full-on rail-mount system, which is in that far-off but nice category that I have reserved for the carrot-on-the-stick to actually finish a film project. Sort of a self-fulfilling prophecy: in order to justify the purchase or manufacture of some more exotic piece of filmmaking toolage, I need to have tangible proof of my growth and exploration as a filmmaker publicly available.

I'll post a clip on YouTube if I can get permission. Tomorrow is a busy day.
Tags: filmmaking, porn, zombies

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