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I have lost the remote for my one remaining existing DVD player, which is in the bedroom and is the one I use when I want to watch DVDs at the Command Center or from bed. I have a universal remote which is misprogrammed for the DVD player, and doesn't allow the use of any of the function keys other than play, pause, and stop, and those are mislabeled. The universal remote that I have is a discontinued Philips model that has no information online on how to program it correctly.
My PC has an inherent flaw in the driver such that when I insert a DVD into the tray, it loads up a DVD player which promptly crashes to a BSOD.

This makes it difficult to do something nifty like watch the commentary track on a DVD while I'm at the command center. I can do it in the living room with the media PC currently, and most recently did watch Alone in the Dark¹ with Uwe Boll's commentary track while riding the bike.

There comes to mind an odd but inventive solution, and that is to have a second media PC in the bedroom alongside ULTRA. I can then bump my BeyondTV prescription to the media PC, which could also act as a backup render node for Combustion as well as a nifty uprezzing DVD player. I have the PC, one of the resurrected ones from work. All it would take would be me hooking it up. It still doesn't resolve the remote issue entirely, though the all-in-wonder solution is a good one (thanks dracut), nor is there a ready solution for the extra mouse/trackball/keyboard floating around without a considerable redesign of my workspace which I am loath to do as my current design is rather nice for one and only one. There are things I would change about it, but for the intents and purposes of providing a better workflow for multiple simultaneous workstations live, it would take a pretty major structural redesign, and if I'm gonna do that, there is a totally different thing that I would design when I had the time to design and build such a thing or the appropriate space in which to put it; however it would increase the likelihood of writing run-on sentences.

I'm just getting really annoyed by DVD player issues recently.

That is all.

Good night.

¹I'm not linking to the movie on IMDB; if you want to know about it or him, look it up yerdamself.
Tags: delerium, rant, techgeek, toys

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