Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

In that sort of vacation-needeed-from-your-vacation style, I'm exhausted enough from this last weekend to be ready for another couple of days right effin' now.

Saturday was a full day of shooting. Not the longest in experience, but it was a good solid day, and it was brackeded by loading and unloading equipment to and from Nookie, who was pressed into service as the carrier of filmmaking equipment for the first time with a dedicated load. The good news is that with some foresight in packing, Nookie can probably hold my entire filmmaking toolset and then some without needing the trailer. I didn't pack the full load, but probably 75% of it, which is still a lot.

Sunday ended up being a day of crash. I got some minor stuff done, watched a couple of movies, and slept a lot.

Monday was a couple of different things. I did some work in the morning/afternoon, did some sorting of movie clips into projects so they'll be easier to handle, and otherwise did a few organizational things. There was also walkies and the headsmack realization that nobody was open on Labor Day to get what I wanted, so my bathroom sink drain will have to be clogged for yet another day.

Monday night was brilliant, where I headed over to the lovely abode of theophania_79 and broght DVDS, fruit, and chocolate for some low-key social time. The kitties are starting to like me I think-- they both at different points in the evening came to me for petting and playing with the laser, though that may have had something to do with the fresh catnip. Still, it's a very welcoming feeling, and there are a whole lot of DVDs in my collection that I know the lovely T has yet to see.

There are a few I haven't seen yet either. We should probably work on that.

This morning I had to start off cold turkey/wet towel by hosting a demonstration of software that I hadn't seen fully put together yet, so it was go in early and be in top shape right away, then get yer shite together for the day. Hate those days. This was also kind of a climax, since it was our last development sprint and it was briefly reviewing all of the functionality that we've added in the last five months. Really, it's a lot... we got a whopping amount done. But I really feel burned out today.

Part of that is pollen, I'm pretty damn sure. When I walked outside this morning, it was like getting hit with a full-on sneeze ray, and now I've got the whole runny nose, watery eyes thing happening.
Tags: self-musing

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