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Huh? Wazzat? Oh, yeah, back to the grind. Gotta get my ass back to work on the Big Broken Box™, picking up where I left off last week with the sill molds.

Rain this morning, looks to have simmered down considerable, but the sky still looks gloomy and as capable of dropping water as a pissed-off pregnant chick. Thus, I ponder that walkies tonight may be rent asunder like the Buns of Evil, depending on dog willingness and wetting capacity. There is a bit of dog food getting that I need to do, and depending on the weather is when I'll do it.

So yeah, back to quiet time for a while, or as quiet as one can be with power tools in the mix. Fall has kind of unofficially started, so my summer has been absconded with by all the little time thieves.

Part of the jete will be to see if I can get the damn sliding patio door upstairs before schneefall. There are a couple of ways to do it, and an electric hoist is the one that I like the most because of the not-having-to-lift-heavy-stuff thing. There's more that goes into the hoist part, like the actual boom arm that has to support all of the weight of said encumbrances, or the makeshift elevator track that has to run up the back of the house in the whole keep-it-from-falling sense like a really wide extension ladder.

It'll happen. It just may not be quick. Like maybe this month, maybe.

And an electric hoist is way cool.
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