Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

Short hair, bad attitude.

Not a big win, really. At least in style. And wow, do I look cranky. And I suppose I am a little cranky.

I'd love to tell you what's wrong, but I simply don't know.

It's sort of like I can tell that something is wrong-- something is maybe missing-- but I don't know what. In general, everything is fine. I feel crunched for time, but that's not really new. Politics are ass, but that's not new either. Last night I slept hard and deep. That's a little new, but I think it's more that I was just exhausted from the days previous.

I've been a little short with everyone lately. Not really pissed or anything, just less than stellar company. Started a couple of weeks ago, I think: I decided that I needed to withdraw a bit from everyone because I was spreading myself too thin emotionally. While I think it's been a stabilizing change for me, it has left me feeling a little disconnected... for the most part anyway. It has allowed me to get more done on the house, which is a Good Thing™, and made me less of a whiny beeyotch.

Perhaps 'disgruntled' is a sort of back-door description of my mental state. Not really disgruntled at anything in particular, just a sort of general disgruntlement. Heavy on the grunt.

Tonight I want to go look at bathroom exhaust fans. I want to put one in the front porch, and since I'm planning to put one in the bathroom anyway, I could look at them to see how expensive and difficult it would be.

I don't need to do it tonight. There will be other times that I'll be going to Menard's or Home Depot, or I could even find some online, probably even a better selection. There are other things that I need to do at home more than look at bathroom fans.

And on that note, the world is a much more adjectivey place than it was.

Tags: cranky, hair

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