Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

I've been a bit lax on the workout over the weekend, and I need to get back on the horse-- or bike as it were-- and git my ass ridin' again.

It was a good and kinda necessary break this weekend. I didn't get done what I had planned to by a long shot, and really it ended up being a lot more social/relaxing weekend; not a bad thing by any means, but we're rounding squarely into equinox territory and the cold weather cometh.

At some point, I should probably have some sort of a plan of action on what to do to get the porch "finished" before winter comes. More than anything, I need to get the exterior buttoned up; working on the interior can go into colder weather more since I have a heater or two that I can set up to keep it warm enough to work.

Really, I could extend the time of operation into the fall if I were to create a sort of plastic "tent" around the whole porch, but I'd really rather get done the work that I need to do before then and just be done with it.

I need to make a decision on whether to try and tear out the steps from the front and back breezeway and demolish them before it gets too cold, or leave them for next year. The breezeway steps aren't a big deal since they just aren't used anymore, but the front steps are a bit more duty-oriented. Taking them out means I need to replace them with something temporary until I get to doing the full stairs/ramp, which I haven't figured out completely yet. It means digging footings for sure, which is not something I want to try doing by hand, so I'll have to see what is available at the rental place-- I can get a mini-backhoe, which is probably the right thing, but getting it around to the front of the house is gonna be a bit tricky unless I take out a tree and part of a fence.

Then I have to figure out how to get rid of all the old concrete. Where the ideal would be to crush up what I have and use it as fill for the new concrete, I don't exactly have a rock crusher handy. Doing it by hand with a sledgehammer isn't something I want to take on. Despite the haircut, I don't actually have a prison fetish.

Likely not happening this year yet again. At least not the digging of new footings and new pour; the demolition might be happening this year, and a temporary structure dossed in place for the front stoop, but I don't think that given the remaining time and my escargotic pace, it's something I should plan on.

So firsties:
1.) Get the damn forms for the sills done so I can get them poured and attached.
2.) pour the sills, set them up for curing, etc.
3.) Backing strips for the Hardiboard on the lower half of the exterior. AC2 & fibercement screws.
4.) Attach the sills (after they're cured, colored, and sealed).
5.) Solidify the attachment of the lower Hardiboard to the foundation.
6.) brown/scratch coat the Hardiboard. This may be "final" for the year.
7.) prep & trim the cedar for the between-window treatments. Add 1/2" XPS hinter.
8.) Aluminum sheet for upper trim; aluminum with primer, final Hammerite bronze.

I also have to pour some plugs for the old rain drains. I collapsed them, but evidently it's not enough, I got another letter from the city, and they want concrete plugs.

Tags: Big Broken Box™, exercise, todo
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