Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

It was shipped from New York, and of course they sent it signature required, which I could not counter, which meant that I either needed to be home (which I of course was not), or call the number that's on the delivery attempt tag to have them hold it and arrange to drive up to the UPS delivery center to pick it up.

Except there was no attempted delivery tag. Nor was there a box, or any sign that the UPS truck had been at all. And it was way past the delivery cut-off time.


And then the weirdest thing happened: I happened to have the front door open and the UPS delivery guy came by, box in hand. I now have a brand-spankin' new Blu-Ray player still in the box.

And no Blu-Ray discs.


Trip to Target, and I now have Blu-Ray discs.

I'm now heading into the living room to replace the failed DVD player in the living room, and hop on the exerbike to watch something fabulous.
Tags: movies, toys

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