Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

Aren't you lucky that you get a slough of posts from me in rapid succession?

Yes, there is a plan for an outdoor patio/three-season porch. No, I haven't started any actual work on it, and you can probably guess why.

The entailing is to put it on the south side of the house at ground level. There would be a place for a hot tub with an overhead deck that would come out from the second floor, or it will when I modify the second floor to actually raise up the roof or otherwise provide access to said deck, if I can even put one up in the spot I'm thinking. In general, it looks like any new construction attached to the main domicile can't be any closer than five feet to a property line, and that's not providing a lot of room; I think the house is ten feet or so away from the existing property line. I could probably cheat a little with a ground level patio, but a deck above (or even a roof) wouldn't fit well in the space.

I could merge it with the breezeway on the back and actually have a pretty decent space, but before I could do that I'd have to reroute the incoming power and wired utility lines underground. I'm planning on doing this anyway before the garage, but the planning phase is where I need to answer a buttload of questions about what the building codes allow.

What I want to end up with is a sort of outdoor living room that's shielded from rain and bird poop. Snow and Winter is another thing entirely, and not one that is covered in the outdoor space sense. I have enough indoor space to work with for Wintertime.

And the tree has to come out first.

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