Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

Sniff the Glove

Today I managed to work in a workout (heh) that took me to the ten sets I wanted, completed the drilling jig for the sill forms, and did the drilling and countersinking of the set of six bottoms. I did the jig in one-inch increments, but did three-inch ones on the forms. The jig was a really good idea because the holes are very close to the edge and needed to be repeatable from one unit to the next. I need to be able to drill the matching pilot holes in the edge of the main (top) part of the forms so that the units will screw together reliably without splitting or damage... and I'm edge-drilling into melamine.

The idea is that the forms will screw together, get lined and poured, and after the stone mix hardens enough, get unscrewed to remove the raw concrete sills.

At this point, the forms can get screwed together and re-lined and re-poured with the next batch. The raw sills can then be painted/colored, textured, and whatnot, then they go underwater for a week or so to do what's called "wet curing", which increases the strength of the final piece.

Since I'm only making six molds, I'm gonna need to do something like five sets of pours, possibly six. Maybe more if I break any of the sills before they're cured.

Once they're cured, they come out for final inspection, final coloring and detail work as needed, then they get sealed with a heavy-duty stone sealer. After that, they're ready to go up.
Tags: Big Broken Box™, building stuff, exercise

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