Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

Some unfortunate indisposition has laid me low for the day. Trying to be at least a little productive, but not succeeding, so I'm pretty much writing it off. Said indisposition is making me reluctant to go anywhere as well, which is a deep hole with water in the bottom and sometimes a dead body.

Gloomy and rainy, and I am sad today. I shall sit in my corner and write bad goth poetry.

Sister Moon
Death's silver shadow
How I crave thy soft kiss
The touch of your breath
Cool in my ear
Singing sweet songs of
Darkness and seduction

I miss the nights
We would sing together
Pale songs of light and shadow
Caressing the graves
To touch the fingers
Of the long dead

Sorry about that
Whole thing with your sister
She means nothing to me
But you gotta admit
She has a hot ass
And after a few beers
Her face ain't that bad
Tags: poetry, sick

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