Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

Watched Fringe tonight.

On the bike for another 500 with some upper-body stuff thrown in. Went over an hour, but it was a good workout.

I want to like it.

They cut corners in the production. When the doc first makes an appearance, his beard and moustache are visibly makeup. I'm watching in HD, and it's visible, like you can't miss it, you can see the mesh. It's a detail that would be lost in video or DVD. Which pushes forth the idea that they're not shooting this show with longevity in mind, and seeing that it's Fox, that's a pretty reasonable bet.

Side note here: I found a back issue of WIRED still in the plastic, saw it was the September issue. Thumbing through it, I came across a full-page ad for the Bionic Woman on Sept. 27th. For a minute I was confused because I was thinking of The Sarah Connor Chronicles, then it dawned on me that this was an issue from Sept. of 2007. The Bionic Woman has all but disappeared from the psyche of Sci-Fi watchers if I am any sample.
But back to point...

I like the character of the doctor, the mad scientist. Okay, so the take on the show is flavored a tiny bit campy, sort of like Darkman. Which I like, so I'm okay with this. The whole Frankenstein riff is kinda fun.

The science... well, let's just say it's not a show about hard science. This is the leap that they ask you to take. Unfortunately, the show is packaged to be a more X-files type of show, and it's not. It's a light-on-the-science, heavy-on-the-action show. It's done by Bad Robot, so no big surprise there.

The lead woman character seems inappropriate to me somehow, weaker and more indecisive than I would like in my primary protagonist who is playing an FBI agent. It may be part of a character growth arc, but it bothers me now.

I like Josh Jackson. His boyish charm is very disarming. The character he's playing would I think be edgier if he weren't so damn affable and pleasant, and were instead more sullen and emo. Like Crispin Glover.

The characters may grow as the show progresses. That's pretty common.

I suspect though that this one is a swing-and-a-miss, like it's being forced through the wrong-shaped mold for what it could be.
Tags: filmmaking, tv

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