Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

almost unrecognizable

Headed over to visit with theophania_79 tonight, and had to wait for a few minutes outside. I sat on a bench outside the building that was lit from a bunch of different angles, and was thinking it was too bad my camera is wonked up before I remembered the celly has a camera built-in.

I almost don't recognize myself.

Compare to this:

That's about a 120-lb difference.

I once had a pair of pants that I bought when I was about the fattest I think I ever was. They're not exactly fashionable, but tonight I realized that I don't really have any comfortable winter pants. I was curious to see how badly they'd fit.

There was a more than twelve-inch difference in my waist size.

That was also another 50 pounds heavier. Those are my high-water marker pants.

Then there was the cop when I got pulled over. I gave him my driver's license. He did a double-take with the picture. It took me a minute to understand why.

Now I get it.
Tags: bariatric, pics

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