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Cherries are good.

A special little treat. It's been a while since I've had fresh fruit. Finally stabilized the stomach enough to eat something, and the cherries are a nice touch.

Spent some time with the sick kitty tonight. He is really startved for affection because we're keeping him in an isolation room, so I gave him a lot of petting which he sucked up like a sponge. He still isn't his normal pain-in-the-ass self, but he seems to be getting better. I've been feeding him pediatric antibiotics, so hopefully they're helping. We should get the blood test results tomorrow. Worried but hopeful.

And I have a little mouse friend in the studio. He came to visit just a minute ago, probably because it's warmer in here than the attic space. Unfortunately, I need to try and catch the little bastard because he's been eating anything he can find, and I'm worried about the wiring.

I've been trying to identify my mood today. It's hard to describe. Kind of a combination of anxiousness and frustration about money, a feeling of having wasted a day, feeling doped up from decongestants, and insomnia. Nothing real positive. Hasn't been real positive for a while now.

Okay. Money/job anxiety is the prime mover here. Thing is, I don't see it getting better. Jobsurfing is a daily thing now, sussing out new job websites and seeing the same jobs posted over and over. Sending resumes, not getting confirmations except for rejections. It's disheartening.

In a way, I'm finding myself wanting to just do stuff to keep me busy. Keep me distracted.
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