Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

Devoid of content

Where is your significant other?
At her home.

Stunned moment: I have someone I consider a significant other.

Your hair?
Uh... what about my hair? Where is it? That's a silly question. Most of it is shaved off, but it's long enough now that it's starting to do random things. It's all hip.

Your mother?
Again, not a question. Battleship Nellie, lives several hours drive north.

Your father?
What's left of him is in a hole in the ground somewhere by the river.

Your favorite snack?

Pay attention. The whole food thing is really awkward anymore. Trying to determine a favorite snack when pretty much everything now is a snack is a bit defeatist and pluralist.

Your dream last night?
Unknown. Sleepypills seem to knock REM sleep off the map.

Your dream/goal?
A few of 'em. I suspect "producing and directing a good wide-release feature film" is right up there.

The room you're in?
Has several walls, and seems to be infested with box elder beetles. Comes from being in a damn swamp.

Your hobby?
Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

Which one?

Your fear?
I don't fear anymore.

No really, the whole fear thing just isn't something I want to play anymore.

Where do you want to be in 6 years?
On the cover of GQ. Or Playgirl.

Where were you last night?

What you're not?
All that and bag of chips

One of your wish list items?

Where you grew up?
I'm not sure I ever really grew up, or if I did it was in one place. Minnesota is a pretty good bet; I lived primarily in Minnesota until I was 20.

The last thing you did?
Hit the enter key? Kind of a throwaway question. Exciting thing, I killed one of our linear motors in the process of testing. I actually got to keep it as a trophy. I have pictures.

What are you wearing?
Nothing. I'm naked. At work. It's really disconcerting. And cold.

Your pet?
Sadie and Micha (AKA stoopikitty). You already know them.

Your mood?
Feeling underaccomplished.

Something you're not wearing?
A watermelon.

Favorite store?
Menards/Home Depot

Your summer?
I'm pretty sure there was one. Some neat stuff happened.

Who will answer this?
I will, since it's the only other actual question in the list, you twitterpated booby.
Tags: meme

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