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Will the amusement never end?

Earlier in the summer, I had applied to Roxio for a programming job. A friend of mine was working there, and he was one of the hiring managers, and they were looking for three exceptional programmers. I didn't make the cut, primarily because they found programmers that had more experience in specific areas (COM, DCOM) than I had. They were working on the new Napster.
Last night I found out that about three months ago, Roxio eliminated the entire office locally, and shitcanned everyone with an hour's notice. Right about the time that the new Napster was released.

First of all, it makes me aware that I don't want to support Roxio financially. I don't subscribe to Napster, and there are other vendors for CD burning software.

Second, I'm glad that I didn't get the job. I get really pissed off when I hear about a company that treats its employees like commodities. Unfortunately, I've been seeing this more and more in the last couple of years, particularly with engineering and tech, and it's a trend I don't see reversing. Part of it is the expatriation of jobs overseas, part of it is the flawed corporate concept of IP (intellectual property), and part of it is the shortsightedness of corporate management.

Being so disillusioned and cynical, I have been making inroads into Yet Another Career Change. That would of course be filmmaking, which is a distinctly difficult field to get into deeply enough to make a living. And given that I don't want to work for anyone else, it's a distinctly difficult path.

On a good note, there is a large and supportive independent film community on the internet, and I firmly believe that there is an expanding market for low-budget direct-to-video feature films. The one remaining piece of the puzzle I have is how to handle promotion. And I think that is an issue for a lot of other filmmakers as well.

It is a new year. Time for some changes.

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