Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

A while back, I moved over to all-digital TV. Since I don't have cable, I've been watching the off-air signals, but the antenna I have does not have the signal strength to pull in two of the local stations that are the CBS and NBC affiliates. There is a rather big high-rise between me and the transmitter tower, and an outdoor antenna is pretty much necessaary.

A few days ago, I was gallivanting about, and looking for outdoor DTV antennas.

Holy blistering annoyances. NOBODY had them in stock except Menards; they had one, and I wasn't impressed with it, particularly for the price (60 bucks for what looked like two soda cans with a half an umbrella).

By now you know me. It's a challenge.

This is the second prototype, built to be sturdy enough to withstand wind loads. Preliminary testing brings in a whole smackload of channels I didn't even know existed. Most of them are crap, but it does pull in all the channels I'd be watching.

About to go outside and install it.

Edit: Installed, and success. Full signal strength on every channel.
Tags: building stuff

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